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Succesful aplications done by our customers using delta products

Successful Application – Profibus communication with VFD-EL & CME-PD01

It’s well known that Profibus is quite extended within industrial enviroment.
But this doesn’t mean that you need to use Siemens inverter when the fieldbus network is already setup!

We know that Simatic Step7 is not a piece of cake…
So, on the tutorial below you will find step by step, how to manage Simatic Step7 to be able to add Delta Inverter VFD-EL (with Profibus card CMA-PD01) into some profibus network.

Probably you will need GDS file.

And the tutorial
Delta – Siemens comunication VFD-EL via CME-PD01 (Profibus)

Let us know If this information is important for you, and we’ll post the same for new inverters like C2000 or CP200.
Ah! and remeber our profibus slave module in case you need to add cost effective remote I/O

Sucsesful Applications – How to communicate with ABB ACS550

In a perfect world, all our customers should ask for Delta inverters in their machines.
But because we have what we have, the post from today is to help you to communicate ABB ACS550 Inverter to Delta PLC or Delta HMI (via Modbus).

This are the two posibilities we suggest in this tutorial:

And in the following link you will find this tutorial.
Delta’s Products communication with ACS550

Let us know you experience, and don’t hesitate to convince your customer to use Delta for the next machine!!
they won’t regret!

Successful Application: Pitch Driving on Wind Power Generation

Another successful application, in this case from our global service centre in China.
The application consist in move the inclination of the blades of the big power generation windmills, to get the maximum power from the wind.
And at the same time, when the wind is too strong, protect the windmill situating the blades in less friction position against the win direction.

You can take a look on the complete explanation of the project in the following pdf
The Application of Delta C2000 in Pitch Driving of Wind Power Generation

Just remind you that Delta is a huge multinational, and a part from Industrial Automation BU we already have the Wind Energy Business Unit able to provide the full system for anyone interested.
Delta WindEnergy

Successful Application: Oil & Gas pumping application

This successful application comes from our colleges in South America (in this case Argentina).
They use Delta tools to help Oil & Gas extraction companies, with pumping units at use in the worst environmental conditions.

This application, in the middle of Patagonia desert, demonstrating the reliability and strenght of Delta products.

This application has been done in collaboration between our Team in South America and the Argentinan integrator Equitecnica S.A.

You can download full explanation of the project on the following files
DELTA Success Case – Oil & Gas Application (English)
DELTA Success Case – Oil & Gas Application (Spanish)


Motion Control: Pick & Place (2 axis interpolation)

One of the most typical applications once you have some interpolation device in your hands is Pick & Place.
The objectie of the application is move some object from one point to another one, and you can´t find one single company that didn´t need in some way one variable of this application.

Of course application have multiple variables, and the most easy one is with linear movements.
Simple movements Pick & Place

But later engineers think how to save time with that process to make their machines faster.
And the easy way is to interpolate both axis following a semicircle as below.
Two axis interpolation

Because of the popularity of Pick & Place, in Delta we have several devices able to work like that. Further more our ASDA-A2 servodrive is able to do it by his own, with no extra PLC or motion controller.

But today I would like to share how to do that application with one of our standard CPU´s and ASDA-B servodrive controlled trough Step & Direction.
So in this case you can use the same program to control Servo systems, Steppers or even inverters.
The CPU´s able to interpolate two axis nowadays in Delta are: DVP-SA2, DVP-SX2 and DVP-SV.

Regarding the application, you can found how to connect the hardware in the following old post
Motion Control: HMI – PLC – B series Servo (1 axis movements)

And Regarding the Software, the keypoint is the DCIMA instruction.
check the following program
Pick & Place Example

And If you are still not fully convinced to use our PLC´s for Pick & Place.
Here is some video example of our system working!
Is not exactly a pick & place application, but uses the same instruction.

And don´t hesitate to Let us know about your experiences with Pick & Place

Announcement: New products DVP02LC-SL and DVPSCM12-SL

The new S series models upgrade, give us the capability to start to use high speed left bus more often.
In the past we only have DVP-28SV, but now we could connect our high speed modules in two new CPU’s DVP-12SA2 and DVP-20SX2.
Because of that, our Delta engineers develop new high speed modules to make our life easy.
The first one is DVP02LC-SL.

DVP02LC-SL is device designed for two functions: Tension control applications and Weight applications.
It provides 24-bit resolution applicable for 4-wire or 6-wire load cells with various eigenvalues.

Below you can download the official product announcement with the features of the device. Furthermore, we add some real field application to understand the functionality of this device.

DVP02LC-SL Product Announcement
DVP02LC-SL tension control application
DVP02LC-SL Software (LCSoft_V1.00)
DVP02LC-SL Manual

This device is already available

The other important launch in relation with High speed left side modules, is this 2 multi-use Serial communication ports.
Basically are 2 serial expansion RS485/RS422 ports with the capability to change the frame construction. This allows us to communicate with every kind of device with serial communication.

The principal assets are:
1. Can be used as extra port to monitor and program the MPU.
2. Can add to the PLC up to 16 ports, these means that our 32 node limitation of RS485 can reach now up to 512 devices.
3. Strongly noise immunization with 120 ohm terminal resistor embedded.
4. User-defined communication (UD Link) provides flexible communication protocol interface. It’s made
DVPSCM12-SL can connect to all kinds of serial communication device.

DVP12SCM-SL Product Announcement
DVP12SCM-SL Presentation

This device will be available 2011 Q4

Application – Periodic speed change in C2000 (PLC embedded feature)

As many of you should know, C2000 is our new multi-purpose inverter. One of the most useful new features, in my opinion is the 10K steps internal PLC.

Since C2000 “the apple of my eye” was VFD-E, with his internal PLC you can do really amazing stories without the need of purchasing an external PLC.
But some people complains about the limited size of the internal PLC (only 500 steps).
Now, with C2000 this limitation is over. The memory size of C2000 is bigger than DVP14SS2 !! (10K steps vs 8K steps).
And to loop the loop the C2000 have a graphic display to accomplish the “all in one”.

C2000 = Inverter + PLC + Graphic Display …………… All in one!

Because all of this, I would like to share with you this simple but didactic example from Mr. Eden Chen of how to use the internal PLC of C2000.
If do you have interesting C2000 PLC applications don’t hesitate to share with us trough the commentaries.

VFD-C2000 programable multi speed

name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Application – Recipe download using eServer

Before Learn how to extract production information trough eServer with the post eServer Tool.
This time we’re going to focus in a real application case.

Mr. Eden Chen (very good technician and better person) shows us how to store Barcode data on our office PC trough eServer Software.
The system configuration starts with a USB barcode, connected directly to the HMI.
And then uses the Ethernet port of the HMI and eServer tool to store the code of every element that the barcode reads.

Tutorial: Recipe download using eServer
Software Samplers : Recipe download using eServer

Hannover Messe A2 motion demos 2

To finish the presentation of the motion Demos of the Hannover Messe, I give you the 2 other demos left.

First the Demo of a 4 axis of A2 servos controlled by DVP20PM, and our new vision system who recognize the value and the position of the dice.

We call it the automatic Gambler

And Finally the Demo of the new DMCNET system.
One Embeded PC with our DMCNET card, who is able to control with sincronization 12 axis!
Furthernore 3 of those 16 axes are linear motors, and they work with Delta A2 drives (in the future we explain our secret).
And of course all communicating trough CANOpen DS402, even those Remote I/O’s.

DMCNET presentation on Delta electronics website.

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