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Succesful aplications done by our customers using delta products

Hannover Messe A2 motion demos 1

As many of you, the last week we have been attending the Hannover Messe. Presenting all the new products that we already presented on this blog. (and many more…)

One of the most interesting things of the Delta IABU stand were the Motion Demos comming from Taiwan.
There were 3, and for the people who can’t visit us these days we will show you a video of all of them.
Today we’ll start with a Demo who shows us how A2 solve the problem of the Cut on the fly applications.

The demo is presented by a good friend of us, Mr. Winex Yang, our Taiwanese expert in Delta Electronics Motion systems.

Labelling Machine Application

Today a new typical application for Delta PLC.
We’ll use the PLC capabilities and some sensor, to synchronize the AC motor feeder of the system with some stepper motor who will stick the label onto the product.

This program is one of the typical applications to use one of the new PLC instructions called MASK

To take a look to the program sequence, don’t hesitate to download the following pdf
Labbelling Machine Application

Delta Solar tracking system

One of the most interesting application this days for automation companies, is the solar tracking.
Many different manufacturers have been trying to improve and create new products only for this kind of applications.

Delta global automation, provides to the customer for a complete solution.
As a global automation solution provider, we already have all the elements. In the presentation attached, you will see our solution for the different kinds of solar applications.

Solar tracking application

Those solutions, are already tested and working all around the world.

Store control with Delta products

The application shares in the presentation below, have the next case details, you can download the full explanation in the link below.

The chain stores use Delta PLCs and IO modules, together with AC motor drives to control the lighting and air-conditioning (incl. the control of temperature, humidity, pressure and quality of air) systems

The headquarter monitors the lighting and air-conditioning systems of chain stores by using Delta Ethernet module – DVPEN01-SL, controlling the electricity consumption and further saving energy.

The system intends to position itself as a world reference in terms of eco-efficiency. Consume 30% less energy than the average annual expenditure of a conventional store, a 70% decrease water consumption and prevent the emission of more than 200 tones of CO2 a year.

Application presentation file

Remote control using eRemote

Dear all,

Here attached I put a nice example of how to control remotely your home trough eRemote.

This is a good example of building automation with Delta equipment, I hope you enjoy.

Building Automation eRemote example

Source: Mr. Eden Chen

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