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Hannover Mess 2012: HMI seminar

As we promise, for the people who could´t assist to the Munich Hall on Delta Hannover mess Seminar 2012.
Here attached the different new products presentations.

Different presentations in the order of appearance:

1. Press Conference Energy saving in IA
2. AMD Seminar – Hannover Messe 2012
3. ASD Seminar – Hannover Messe 2012
4. 10MC Seminar – Hannover Messe 2012
5. AH500 Seminar – Hannover Messe 2012
6. HMI Seminar- Hannover Messe 2012
7. ICD Seminar – Hannover Messe 2012

All presentations Folder

name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

And for the ones who couldn´t assist, we invite you on the next SPS/IPC/Drive Messe in Nürnberg from 27-29 of November 2012.

Mandelbrot Rosetta – HMI program example

Normally the information of this Blog comes from two sources, the first is the Global service center of Delta who provides many tutorials and information. The other is the solutions to typical problems of customers compiled by us.

But for the second time one friend of  Delta Automation’s blog,  send us a really impressive program.

Mr. Johannes Thelen from THELEN TECH (Finland) , looking for squeeze the macro and floating point features,  creates this Mandelbrot Rosetta software with our DopSoft.

The 1 pixel accuracy program needs around 15 minutes to be writen, that´s why they send me the next picture as a demostration

The most curious can download the program an take a look on the macro, it´s really a clever job.

Mandelbrot rosetta soft

Don´t hesitate to send your interesting programs and applications to us, and We’ll be glad to share with everybody.

Thank you so much Johaness!

DOPSoft – Insert new picture

The people who already work with Delta for a long time, already knows how to do that.
But If you just started with us, that little help can save you a lot of time.

The video attached shows you how to insert your pictures in your HMI program.
The typical use should be for example a photo of your machine. And once you added, you can put all the warnings and alarms on the same machine picture like a SCADA synoptic.

DOPSoft Import picture from Delta Automation.

Full screen recommended

But remember! more pictures you add bigger you program is, so be careful with the size of your pictures.

ISPSoft – DOPSoft Tag list

Handle variables between PLC program an HMI program, sometimes should be really complicate.
Everytime I made new program, I make my own excel file with all the variables to do not forget where are located, or what´s it´s name.

So once we start to develop the new Delta software for HMI and PLC, we thought it would be a good idea to have a simple method to share variables. And of course using a Excel file, why not!

Let´s check this video.

Full screen recommended

As you can see with the new ISPSoft for PLC´s, and DOPSoft for HMI´s.
Is really easy to export/import variables making the programing experience faster and user friendly.

Don´t hesitate to share your experiences with us.

Announcement: New DOPB04S211 launch

Some of you already hear about this new HMI.
And finally, as a Christmas present, and to celebrate the 2012, Delta proudly offers new DOP-B small size HMI DOP-B04S211

Our objective on the moment of desing this new HMI was Looking for the maximum performance with less price, according to that we take out the USB Disk and one COM port to achieve the best quality price relationship.
The HMI It adopts 4.7” 65536 colors TFT LCD, and greatly enhances resolution to WQVGA(480×271), to beat their monochrome direct competitors.

Refer to the following pdf for basic information of that new HMI
New product Launch Announcement DOP-B04S211

On the other hand, If you prefer more deep technical specifications, don’t hesitate to download the DOPB04 technical sheet.

Size does matter ;D

Export History to USB – HMI Example

If you need to save the history data of your machine, you have two ways to do it:
1. Save it on the internal HMI memory.
2. Save it on external USB Disk.

The problem of the first option was that you are not able to extract the data, and the problem of the second option was that you need to have the USB disk connected meanwhile the HMI is acquiring data.

Well, this limitation, is not a limitation any more with the new macro tool Export. THis command allows to export the history data stored in the HMI to a USB disk or SD card.
And it’s really simple to use it.

Please serve yourselves on the following example provided by the R&D team
export history to USB example

Announcement: DOPSoft 1.00.02 Release

New version for DOPSoft, with many and really interesting new features listed in the following pdf
Technical Announcement DOPSoft 1.00.02 Build DEC_13_2011

As always, you can download the Software in our website or our FTP.
Delta Website
FTP Site

Your opinions are always welcome!!

HMI Getting Started

Here it is!
Again thinking in the begginers (and in this case not only them), let me share with you all our kit HMI Getting Started.
For the ones who uses PLC Getting started, and for the other too

HMI used to be more intuitive and user friendly than the PLC, but If you are trying to accomplish a complete program with reciepe, graph pictures etc.. you need some knowledge.
So our intention is give you some tutorials and examples and all the necessary tools to made your learning time as short as possible.

In this HMI getting started you will find:
1. eRemote / eServer Tutorials
2. HMI communication Examples with Delta devices
3. Manuals for DOPA and DOPB
4. Program examples for many features (graph, password, History, Event, Alarm, etc…)

Don’t hesitate to share with everybody.

HMI Getting Started

Announcement: New eRemote 2.00.00

Good news!
New eRemote version available to download.

This is the short list of improvements in spite of the old version:
1. Support firmware version v3.0022 for DOP-B network type series.
2. Support firmware version v1.08C for DOP-AE series.
3. Add full screen function.
4. Add connecting HMI IP address on the title of the window function.
5. Add use the domain name to connect the HMI function.
6. Support new elements of DOPSoft but not rotation function.
7. Fixed show the password table wrong issue.

Download it from here.
eRemote 2.00.00

And to see in detail those new features, check the attached pdf announcement
Announcement: eRemote 2.00.00

By the Way, eServer is updated too, Don’t hesitate to take a look!
eServer 1.00.11

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