Since the release of the new S2 series, Delta range have been orphan of new High range MPU.
SV and EH2 CPU’s are powerful CPU’s but because of the huge improvement of the SA2 and SX2 CPU’s the comparisons are odious.
So those new SV2 and EH3 put again the Delta high range CPU were they must be.

We almost duplicate the program memory and increase the register number to 12000.
We add interruptions; Increase the execution speed in 4-5 times (MOV instruction in 4.8us).
Create new instructions like CSFO, DVSPO, DICF or DZRN who makes easy the control and monitorization of stepper motors in labelling or packaging applications.

If you are interested with the new improvements of EH3 and SV2 CPU’s don’t hesitate to download the following application announcements

Technical Anouncement DVP-SV2
Technical Announcement DVP-EH3

Delta web page SV2
Delta web page EH3

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