Do you need cost effective Profibus distributed I/O??

DVPPF02-SL is the new PROFIBUS DP slave communication module.
Only avaliable for left side high speed module, it supports the loop data transmission between PROFIBUS DP master and several slaves.

The DVPPF02-SL have auto-detection baud rate feature, and a maximum data transmission length of 100 words, input and 100 words output.

To take a look on the product specifications, don´t hesitate to download the product announcement
DVPPF02-SL Announcement

Before using DVPPF02-SL, download the GSD file and load in to the PROFIBUS DP main station.

DVPPF02-SL Manual

In a few days it will be available on the web site, but meanwhile you can download it here.
Web Link to Delta GSD files