Is time for update.
After new eRemote version, this week is the turn of ISPSoft.

For the beginners, ISPSoft is the Delta software to program with Functions blocks, the main difference against WPLSoft are: Sub-routine programming. Work with Variable mnemonics in spite of the name of the mark or register. Everything with the advantages of function blocks.

If you are a beginer and you want a briefly introduction to ISPSoft, take a look to the following presentation

ISPSoft Tutorial 2008.ppt

On the other side, If you already work with ISPSoft, this is the full list of the ISPSoft 1.03 new additions, I hope you enjoyed.

1. Add SFC Editor.
2. Add ASCII format in device monitoring function.
3. New instruction. FLD> …, BOUT …, PN, NP.
4. Support array data type.
5. Add VAR_IN_OUT type to function block symbol table.
6. Allow to set the S device range in the Device Resource Allocation function.
7. Ladder Editor. Modify short-cut key, Add network (after)=> Shift+Ctrl+I ; Insert network (before)=>Ctrl+I.
8. Ladder Editor. Add comparison buttons on the tool bar.
9. Ladder Editor. Symbol declaration window will be shown when add instructions by instruction mode.
10. Add a symbol without indicate which POU to the device monitoring table. It will list all match symbols exist in different POU.
11. The output parameter of MUL and DIV instruction support WORD data type.
12. Add ASCII and Automatically mode in the [View] -> [Monitoring Data Format]
13. Add Floating Format Setting function in the [View].
14. Add Read Only Area Setting function in the [PLC]->[Security System].
15. Add Program Upload Disable function in the [PLC]->[Security System].
16. Add off-line password setting function in the [Tools]->[Program Settings].
17. Change the communication type from Direct Link to Direct Link Ethernet and Direct Link USB
18. Allow on-line monitoring even the programs between PLC and PC are inconsistent.
19. Add Find in Project function.
20. Add Spanish and Polish language.

Please download the latest version on our website
ISPSoft 1.03

or our FTP site
ISPSoft 1.03