As a programmer, sometimes I really miss some instructions in the Delta PLC’s. Recently, I discover that the others Delta programmers miss exactly the same instructions!
Because of that, I’m glad to announce a new group of instructions/functions for the new batch of Delta PLC’s.

DVP PLC New Functions

Here related the most interesting news in my opinion
Bit control:
Finally the eagerly awaited Specific Bit control instructions!!

Mask Area Functions: Essential for Labeling applications
DZRN: Improving the Homming functions!
DVSPO: Variable Speed Pulse Output (Useful for control the speed of our motor using some analog input).
DICF: Immediately change frequency (another motion instruction thinking in typical motion applications like fly-on-the-cut).

Improving the comunication performance with the new function codes and special registers on the MODRW and PLCLink instructions.

Transform and Move Data:
New DTM instruction with several different features. I attach a temporary translation for your information, the formal translation will be released in the revision V of the manual
DTM Instruction sheet

Before you ask us how can I use that new instructions, please take a look to your PLC firmware version, and check it with the table at the end of the document.

And finally the promise of a very soon release of the new ISPSoftv1.08