Starting from DOPSoft V2.00.04.09 is possible to create an independent and portable execution file (.exe) to avoid the use of DOPSoft in the next download.

Every execution file will be downloaded to the HMI according to the download mode set in the DOPSoft project to decide next download way: USB / Ethernet / Serial.

Picture 1

If the project is password-protected, the password for download will be asked according to the security settings.

Picture 2

To create the execution file, the following steps must be followed:

1. On the menu go to: File> Make exe of Screen Download Data

Picture 3

2. Specify the file name and output folder and click “Make”

Picture 4

4. To download the project file to the HMI, just double click on the generated .exe file after connecting the PC to the destination HMI according to the download mode set in the DOPSoft: USB / Ethernet / Serial. By this way, there’s no need to execute DOPSoft at all

Hope you enjoy this feature with our DOP-B and DOP-W series HMI.

Enjoy it !