Why Can Open?

Modbus is strong an with a long and successful story of applications, but when interpolation is needed, you should need something else..
Is strong, easy to use, and more important fully compatible with many different brand devices on the market.

Because of that we want to start a new Can Open Category with simple applications, easy to work on.
In the near future we will keep adding Can Open examples with all our new compatible Can Open devices (ASDA-A2, C2000, etc…) but for start our cost effective CANOpen drive VFD-EC will work.
Let´s start with the Hardware.

Hardware Configuration:

1. DVP-SX2 + DVPCOPM-SL (CANOpen Master)
2. VFD-EC (CANOpen Embedded Slave)
3. TAP-CN03 (CANOpen Splitter with terminal resistor)
4. TAP-CB03 (CANOpen Cable)

Be aware on the following advices:
– Use CANOpen wirings, Ethernet cables have the same pin-out, and they will work on short distances, but it can give you problems due they don´t have same internal impedance.
– Remember to turn on the terminal resistor switch of TAP-CN03! If you don´t want to use it, remember to put 120 Ohm terminal resistor.
– No need to supply V+ and V- connections for short distances, for long ones is recommended.

So at last, you may have something similar to this:

VFD-EC Configuration:

P0.02 -> 9 Reset fatory default values

P2.00 -> 5 CANopen of First master frequency command
P2.01 -> 5 CANOpen of forst operation command
P4.08 -> 23 multi-function input terminal (MI6) as Emergency STOP (link MI6 and DCM to work)
P9.20 -> 2 CANopen Station Address
P9.21 -> 0 CANOpen Baudrate 1Mbps
P9.24 -> 1 Adapt DS402 protocol

CANOpen Builder Configuration:

Full screen recommended

As you can see in the video, once you link on the EDS files the inverter parameters with the PLC registers, you just have to work with them as local registers in the PLC.
The PDO frames are going to be sended automatically in a continuous matter, so every change will be automatically updated in the other device.

HMI and PLC Program:
And after that, you only need to download the PLC and HMI programs.
You will find it in the following link.
The HMI and PLC are connected trough RS232 (DVPACAB2030), but you can change it with no problem.

CANOpen VFD-EC Control.rar

If it´s your first step with CANopen, test it in your lab, and let us know your experience.