In the second part of this IFD9506 mono graphic, we’ll show you how to combine our IFD9506 with the other successful Ethernet module: DVPEN01-SL.

To make the thinks easy, this time we will communicate two of our DVP28SV with one of our DOPA HMI trough the RS485 port, using the IFD9506 as a gateway between the RS485 port and the ethernet PLC module (DVPEN01-SL).

Aplication presentation: IFD9506+2 DVPEN01-SL

Nowadays, this application doesn’t have a lot of sense, because with the new Ethernet HMI this is not necessary anymore.

But this example opens the door for the next (an last) post of this monographic, where we will communicate from some SCADA or external client to our system trough IFD9506.

Furthermore, the fieldbus team keep us a nice surprise on the latest firmware update of IFD9506!

Can you wait?