There are three basic ways to control a AC drive:
– Torque control (analog signal, digital signal, embedded potentiometer, communication)
– Speed Control (analog signal, digital signal, embedded potentiometer, communication)
– Position Control (Step&Direction, Comunication)

But because the inverters accuracy (usually) is not very good, the engineers, prefer to use Steppers, or Servosystems.
So the majority of the inverter applications used to be Speed or Torque control.

But the last years, in the industry appears the need to realize good positioning with middle power and reliable cost. Servo drives are still too expensive for middle power and steppers are only for low power applications.

Because of that, the new C2000 surprise us again, with the capability to have accurate positioning using Step & Direction control.
The way to achieve the good accuracy, is because some feedback encoder located on the motor and the EMC-PG01L card, to acquire the feedback and position command at the same time.

If you wolud like to set up this system in your factory, or for your customers, check the following tutorial presentation from Mr. Robert Lo.

C2000 Step & Direction

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