The content of this blog, used to be for people already introduced to the Delta PLC world.

So with this post, we would like to give support all those people who wants to introduce themselves to the Delta PLC environment.

Is really not easy If you try to figure out all the capabilities of our devices only with the manuals, that’s why we develop the following “ZIP” file, with the following content:

1. S and S2 series Updated Manuals.
2. S and S2 series Memory Mapping.
3. PLC Special Marks, Registers and Error code.
4. Instruction List for quick reference.
5. WPLSoft video tutorials (on-line, Off-line, set-up communication).
6. Small Library with basic Examples.

PLC Getting Started (25Mb)

Don’t hesitate to download and share with your beginner customers, and If you like it, tell us.
And we’ll use this experience to create the HMI getting started.