Inside the Delta Fieldbus Solutions range, we provide several different field-bus (Modbus, Ethernet, CanOpen, Profibus, DeviceNet, etc…) and almost for all of them we have Remote Terminal Units (RTU) to help us to solve us a lot of long distance troubles.

In this case the application is with the Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Field-bus (RTU-EN01).
This device is designed to setup remote I/O trough Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, but it has also another capability.
This device could be the node to have a whole modbus network below him. like the picture attached.

So below I’ll try to show you how to access to those slave PLC’s from the SV28 Master like a remote I/O modules. Of course you can connect in spite of PLC’s some inverter, servomotor or temperature controller.

The example consists in receive in the 28SV Master the DI/DO status of the 14SS slaves with ID:4 and 5.

1. We need to map the Master memory with the remote DI/DO of the slaves (for example):
ID:5 : Y0~Y7 map to D200 ( CoiltoD.dvp )
ID:4 : Y0~Y7 map to D300 ( CoiltoD_2.dvp )

2. Open the DCI Soft, and detect the DVPEN01-SL. Go to Data Exchange and set as the picture below

3. The detect the RTU-EN01 and configure the IP address as you configured in the Data Exchange thumb index

4. Finally download the examples attached and in theory you have to see the next
Master D100 map to Y0~Y7
Master D200 map to Y10~Y17
( refer to DtoCoil_2.dvp)

5. By the way, don’t forget to configure the comunication port of the RTU-EN01 with the same protocol as the 14SS Slaves!

Now you only have the problem to decide how big is your network!