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PLC RS232/RS485 send frames

This trick is for the very special application when we want to communicate with unknown device trough serial communication using our Delta PLC.

If the slave is Delta, we can always use PLC Link.
But what happens when the slave is not delta?

In this case we have 2 options.
First use our DVP12SCM-SL module with 2 extension ports to help us on the frame configuration.
Second the solution we’ll show in this post.
Basically all our PLC have by default 2 communication ports RS485 (below) and RS232 (in front).
And some have a 3rd RS485 port, usable also to send single frames to other slaves.


Once you got the port selected, then you need to set up the port configuration.
Use the below table, or our WPLSoft wizard if you are still WPLSoft users.


On our examples below we used D1036=87H what means:
– Data Lenght 8
– Parity Even
– Stop Bits 1Bit
– Baudrate 9600 bps

Use this table to create the Hexadecimal number, or use WPLSoft wizard

Before COM port configuation, we´ll going to use RS instruction.


Basically RS instruction is to configure where I’m going to save the data to be sent and received.
But to trigger the frame, you will need to trigger special mark.

COM2 M1122
COM3 M1316

Once this mark is high, the PLC send the frame configurated in the RS instruction.
If on the other way around, our PLC is waiting for some transmision, then we´ll need to wait until the data is recieved.
The mark that will tell us when the data is available is:

COM2 M1124
COM3 M1317

And you will find the info on D1070 – D1085 special registers range.

To help you on this special application, download the following Send Frame trough RS232 and Send Frame trough RS485.
We also add some section of the manual with the special marks to be aware when you play with this instruction.

Send Frame Help

When you work with comunications, is always advised to have some sniffer, to see what happens on the network. In RS485 case, I recommend to have IFD6500 and any freeware Modbus sniffer.
And remeber, with comunications…always patience.
Good luck.

Announcement: Delta PLC and HMI new software release

Complete PLC and HMI software update ready for your computers!
All the announcements with the new stuff are compressed together with the software in the same .zip
So you don’t need to download separatelly.


Furthermore, be aware that we got all the announcements of the year in the following FTP folder
DVP Technical announcements-BU
HMI Technical announcements-BU

This are the new versions to be tested in our FTP:
DOPSoft v1.01.04
WPLSoft v2.33
PMSoft v2.08
ISPSoft v2.01.02
COMMGR v1.02
Delta DVP Suite

Or you can download from our webstie as always
DVP Software
HMI Software

Enjoy and let us know your opinion!

Announcement – WPLSoft v2.31

Welcome to the wizards again!

Just yesterday new version of WPLSoft v2.31 has been released on Delta website.
If you want to check the improvements, don´t hesitate to download the following Technical Announcement.
Technical Announcement WPLSoft V2.31

But personally the most important improvement is the reappearance of the wizards, missed on the last version WPLSoft 2.30.

Is available on the website and as always on our FTP
Delta Website WPLSoft V2.31
FTP DVP Software folder

Enjoy it!

Sequential Programming – PLC tips & tricks

Again we dedicate this post to the beginner PLC programmers.
Almost all PLC programs use to follow sequential structure (on state following to another one).
In fact SFC language is based on this concept.

Unfortunately SFC is not always enough user friendly for beginners, and there´s no manuals who show that kind of tricks when you start programming.
So or you have a experienced teacher, or you´re going to expend a lot of time trying to find out the easy way to do it.

In this case, we want to make the thinks easy, so we made the typical traffic lights program following the Sequential structure.
Once you understand the way of programming, enter to SFC or even Function blocks it will be a piece of cake ;)

Step 1: Establish the different states

Step 2: Put the different states in order (flux diagram)

Step 3: Add transition conditions

Step 4: Program it!!

The advantage of this method, are the following:
1. If you programs freeze, you can find the bug easily checking the program index.
2. You can debug each state just changing the MOV value.
3. You can add middle steps easily.
4. you can reboot our program only changing the program index to 0.

I should recommend to try it by your own, and once you finish, you can download the solution
Programming Sequential Solution ISPsoft & WPLSoft

And let us know if it has been useful!

Announcement: WPLSoft v2.30

Be ready programmers, new update for the WPLSoft!

Many new stuff added on that new version, program password protection (on the PC), Float type on the edit register memory, new SE added on the PLC list, and many other thinks that you can check on the announcement below
Technical announement WPLSoft v2.30

Warning! the DVP format has change! so the previous WPLSoft can not open the programs saved on WPLSoft 2.30.

As always the software is for free, and you can download it on Delta website or our FTP site.
Delta Website Delta PLC Software
FTP Site Delta PLC Software
name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Just for your information, be aware that other Delta software has been update this month. VFDSoftv1.46 and DCISoftv1.08.
And pretty soon ISPSoft will be update too.

Don´t hesitate to let us know your thoughts

Announcement: WPLSoft 2.20.11

As the Delta PLC programmers should know, in this moments every Delta PLC is able to be programmed with two software.

WPLSoft:  Simple, intuitive and fast software for simple ladder applications.
ISPSoft: Updated ladder software with subprogram organization and variable name, specifically designed to be closer to IEC61131 for complex PLC programming.

Today we will announce the release of a new version for WPLSoft v2.20.11, with a few new updates from the old version.
You could check all this updates on the following Technical Announcement

As always Delta Software is available for free and you could download it on delta web site, and on DEN ftp too.

PLC Getting Started

The content of this blog, used to be for people already introduced to the Delta PLC world.

So with this post, we would like to give support all those people who wants to introduce themselves to the Delta PLC environment.

Is really not easy If you try to figure out all the capabilities of our devices only with the manuals, that’s why we develop the following “ZIP” file, with the following content:

1. S and S2 series Updated Manuals.
2. S and S2 series Memory Mapping.
3. PLC Special Marks, Registers and Error code.
4. Instruction List for quick reference.
5. WPLSoft video tutorials (on-line, Off-line, set-up communication).
6. Small Library with basic Examples.

PLC Getting Started (25Mb)

Don’t hesitate to download and share with your beginner customers, and If you like it, tell us.
And we’ll use this experience to create the HMI getting started.

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