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FTP Server enables users to download alarms, historical information and recipes from USB Disk or SD storage device to PC. Also possible to upload files from PC to USB or SD storage Device enabling the user to effect changes to alarms, historical information recipes and PLC program.

Supported HMI:

  • Network type

Supported connection methods:

  • Software for file transmission ( for example FileZilla )
  • Windows explorer
  • DOS command line

Connection Limit:

  • Maximum 3 on-line clients at the same time
  • FTP Server will automatically disconnected if unused for 90 seconds

Logon Methods:

  • Anonymous logon:
    • Users cannot add directory, upload/download files, delete files or change file names.
  • Account logon:
    • Users can add directory, upload/download files, delete files or change file names.

Example: Customer would like to upload existing recipe file to PC, make changes and then download to HMI. In this example we will use file transmission software FileZilla available here:

Solution: Please see short video below where we run trough the setup process and run the application. Also available in the attachments are the HMI .dps file and documentation for FTP setup.


FTP Server_Recipe Update_dps file

FTP Server_Setup


Download/Upload PLC program directly from/to USB through HMI

When users don’t have easy access to a laptop nor PC nearby the installation or the machine, is difficult to face the task of making some modification or backups by downloading/uploading the PLC program.

For this purpose, there’s a way to download/upload the PLC program directly from/to a USB memory stick through the DOP HMI.

Picture 1

Let’s explain the procedure in few steps assuming the case of downloading program from USB to PLC:

1. Copy the PLC program (.DVP) into an USB memory stick

2. Insert the memory stick into the USB port of the HMI

3. Enter the system menu of the HMI by pressing the “SYSTEM” button (at the rear side of the HMI) for few seconds. You will hear a “bip” sound

Picture 2

4. Enter the “Up/Download” sub menu

5. Select “HMI <->PLC” transfer mode by navigating through the  “LEFT” and “RIGHT” buttons at the bottom

Picture 3

6. Click “USB:\” on the left part of the screen and select the PLC program file you want do download

7. On the right part of the screen, select the COM port that is connected to the PLC (COM1 in this example)

Picture 4

8. After selecting COM1, HMI will search PLC automatically

Picture 5

9. Once the PLC is found by the HMI, user can download the program  by pressing “Download” button

Picture 6

Important note: The file name in the PLC to be uploaded or downloaded using this function must be DVP-xxx.dvp (xxx must be a number between 000 and 999.)











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