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Homing and Positioning with C2000 with S7 1500 / 1200 via Profibus-DP

Positioning is one of the main applications of drive technologies and motion control and  the necessity of positioning in industrial applications is quite wide and there are many applications where positioning could be applied. Some of these applications are a process machine valve, a conveyor, the thread of a ball-screw, a lifter, a drilling machine pattern or a driving cart through an assembly line. Precise positioning (tenths of millimeters for CNC for example) takes into account many other factors and are driven by Servo-controllers like the Delta ASD family servo-drives. However, the  C2000 can be used for a variety of positioning functions with all robustness of a power drive for non-precise application where millimeters or less are not a problem. In this application we are going to learn how to set a drive system with C2000 for positioning, and how to transfer a position command using Profibus-DP from a S7-Siemens PLC with  TIA PORTAL.

You can also download the C2000 fine tuning for this application:


You can also download the S7-1500 fw 1.8 program:


Successful Application – Profibus communication with VFD-EL & CME-PD01

It’s well known that Profibus is quite extended within industrial enviroment.
But this doesn’t mean that you need to use Siemens inverter when the fieldbus network is already setup!

We know that Simatic Step7 is not a piece of cake…
So, on the tutorial below you will find step by step, how to manage Simatic Step7 to be able to add Delta Inverter VFD-EL (with Profibus card CMA-PD01) into some profibus network.

Probably you will need GDS file.

And the tutorial
Delta – Siemens comunication VFD-EL via CME-PD01 (Profibus)

Let us know If this information is important for you, and we’ll post the same for new inverters like C2000 or CP200.
Ah! and remeber our profibus slave module in case you need to add cost effective remote I/O

New product Announcement – DVPPF02-SL

Do you need cost effective Profibus distributed I/O??

DVPPF02-SL is the new PROFIBUS DP slave communication module.
Only avaliable for left side high speed module, it supports the loop data transmission between PROFIBUS DP master and several slaves.

The DVPPF02-SL have auto-detection baud rate feature, and a maximum data transmission length of 100 words, input and 100 words output.

To take a look on the product specifications, don´t hesitate to download the product announcement
DVPPF02-SL Announcement

Before using DVPPF02-SL, download the GSD file and load in to the PROFIBUS DP main station.

DVPPF02-SL Manual

In a few days it will be available on the web site, but meanwhile you can download it here.
Web Link to Delta GSD files

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