Long time ago I got the opportunity to program by myself an industrial Washing Machine.
In my case I remember to use:
– DOPAS35THTD -> Is what we got on this time.
– DTC1000 -> with PT100 sensor
– DVP10SX11R -> To be able to control the inverter using analog output, and using the analog input for pressure sensor)
– VFD-E inverter -> To be able to use OOB (out of balance) function specially designed for washing Machines.

OOB or Out of balance is a firmware instruction used during the spin stage, to stops automatically slows down the inverter when the clothes are not perfectly centred.
This special function is not really common on other brand inverters, so be aware washing machine makers!

In this case the Global Service Centre uses different kind of elements, but with the same result.

DonĀ“t hesitate to take a look on the successful application document below
Successful Application washing machine

If you ever did application like that let us know your experiences, and If not now you know is possible.