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June 2012

Successful Application: Pitch Driving on Wind Power Generation

Another successful application, in this case from our global service centre in China.
The application consist in move the inclination of the blades of the big power generation windmills, to get the maximum power from the wind.
And at the same time, when the wind is too strong, protect the windmill situating the blades in less friction position against the win direction.

You can take a look on the complete explanation of the project in the following pdf
The Application of Delta C2000 in Pitch Driving of Wind Power Generation

Just remind you that Delta is a huge multinational, and a part from Industrial Automation BU we already have the Wind Energy Business Unit able to provide the full system for anyone interested.
Delta WindEnergy

Successful Application: Oil & Gas pumping application

This successful application comes from our colleges in South America (in this case Argentina).
They use Delta tools to help Oil & Gas extraction companies, with pumping units at use in the worst environmental conditions.

This application, in the middle of Patagonia desert, demonstrating the reliability and strenght of Delta products.

This application has been done in collaboration between our Team in South America and the Argentinan integrator Equitecnica S.A.

You can download full explanation of the project on the following files
DELTA Success Case – Oil & Gas Application (English)
DELTA Success Case – Oil & Gas Application (Spanish)


Announcement: WPLSoft v2.30

Be ready programmers, new update for the WPLSoft!

Many new stuff added on that new version, program password protection (on the PC), Float type on the edit register memory, new SE added on the PLC list, and many other thinks that you can check on the announcement below
Technical announement WPLSoft v2.30

Warning! the DVP format has change! so the previous WPLSoft can not open the programs saved on WPLSoft 2.30.

As always the software is for free, and you can download it on Delta website or our FTP site.
Delta Website Delta PLC Software
FTP Site Delta PLC Software
name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Just for your information, be aware that other Delta software has been update this month. VFDSoftv1.46 and DCISoftv1.08.
And pretty soon ISPSoft will be update too.

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