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February 2012

DOPSoft – Insert new picture

The people who already work with Delta for a long time, already knows how to do that.
But If you just started with us, that little help can save you a lot of time.

The video attached shows you how to insert your pictures in your HMI program.
The typical use should be for example a photo of your machine. And once you added, you can put all the warnings and alarms on the same machine picture like a SCADA synoptic.

DOPSoft Import picture from Delta Automation.

Full screen recommended

But remember! more pictures you add bigger you program is, so be careful with the size of your pictures.

ISPSoft – DOPSoft Tag list

Handle variables between PLC program an HMI program, sometimes should be really complicate.
Everytime I made new program, I make my own excel file with all the variables to do not forget where are located, or what´s it´s name.

So once we start to develop the new Delta software for HMI and PLC, we thought it would be a good idea to have a simple method to share variables. And of course using a Excel file, why not!

Let´s check this video.

Full screen recommended

As you can see with the new ISPSoft for PLC´s, and DOPSoft for HMI´s.
Is really easy to export/import variables making the programing experience faster and user friendly.

Don´t hesitate to share your experiences with us.

ISPSoft – SFC example

As many of you should know ISPSoft is Delta´s more powerful PLC programming language.
Trying to show you all their possibilities, today we will show you how to work with SFC programming language.

To do that, we present the following video.

Full screen is recommended

And of course the related example (with the video attached!).
SFC Example (ISPSoft)

And If you are new in Delta don´t hesitate to download ISPSoft.

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Announcement: CTA-D (24Vdc Counter/Tachometer/Timer)

Delta R&D team has launched the new cost-effective and user-friendly industrial automation product, the 3-in-1 timer/counter/tachometer. But this time with 24Vdc power supply.

You can check all the features of this device in the following announcement
CTA New Product Launch Announcement

Furthermore, If you want more information regarding this device, don´t hesitate to take a look on the CTA website

IFD9506 (part 3 of 3)

We arrive to the end of the IFD9506 monographic with the definitive application (and some final desert).
In this case we use the IFD9506 to add any Delta product to a Ethernet network.
In fact with the new firmware V1.07 is possible to add until 100 devices below the Ethernet gateway!!

And as a final climax, one last example of how to use IFD9506 as a gateway between one Ethernet HMI and some RS485 Delta periphericals (EX2, SV and DTB).

Have fun!

How to use IFD9506
Technical Announcement_DCISoft_V1_07

And put ethernet in our life ;)

Announcement: New connector ASD-IF-SC5020 for A2 servodrives series

Tired of soldering connectors?

How irritating it is to sold the DI/DO on A2 servodrive, just for testing, isn´t it?
So, take a look to that connector!

What do you think?

Check the details on the following new product announcement.
And ask for it to your local distributor!

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