Some of you already hear about this new HMI.
And finally, as a Christmas present, and to celebrate the 2012, Delta proudly offers new DOP-B small size HMI DOP-B04S211

Our objective on the moment of desing this new HMI was Looking for the maximum performance with less price, according to that we take out the USB Disk and one COM port to achieve the best quality price relationship.
The HMI It adopts 4.7” 65536 colors TFT LCD, and greatly enhances resolution to WQVGA(480×271), to beat their monochrome direct competitors.

Refer to the following pdf for basic information of that new HMI
New product Launch Announcement DOP-B04S211

On the other hand, If you prefer more deep technical specifications, don’t hesitate to download the DOPB04 technical sheet.

Size does matter ;D