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December 2011

ASDA-A2 and ASDA-B2 motor tuning procedure

As many of you should know, to tune a servo motor is not a piece of cake.
To have a good tune, you have to take care of the load, the inertia, the gearbox, etc..

To help you in this task, Delta provide different kind of tools.

1. ASDA-Sizing
This software is really useful to calculate the interta and the Torque needed of your system.
With this tool you can calculate the power of the motor needed and avoid bad experiences in customer’s hose

You can dowload it for free (as usual) on Delta’s web page.
But If you already installed ASDA Soft, check your computer, because probably it would be there.
ASDA-MSizing v1.04

2. Autotuning
Depending of the drive the ASDA-Soft have different autotuning tools.
On the video, we adjust (without load) some ASDA-B servodrive

On the other side, for the ASDA-A2 servodrives, our Service team, did the following PDF to help you in that task.
Simple TUning ASDA-A2&B2

Good tuning for everybody!

Export History to USB – HMI Example

If you need to save the history data of your machine, you have two ways to do it:
1. Save it on the internal HMI memory.
2. Save it on external USB Disk.

The problem of the first option was that you are not able to extract the data, and the problem of the second option was that you need to have the USB disk connected meanwhile the HMI is acquiring data.

Well, this limitation, is not a limitation any more with the new macro tool Export. THis command allows to export the history data stored in the HMI to a USB disk or SD card.
And it’s really simple to use it.

Please serve yourselves on the following example provided by the R&D team
export history to USB example

Announcement: DOPSoft 1.00.02 Release

New version for DOPSoft, with many and really interesting new features listed in the following pdf
Technical Announcement DOPSoft 1.00.02 Build DEC_13_2011

As always, you can download the Software in our website or our FTP.
Delta Website
FTP Site

Your opinions are always welcome!!

Announcement: DVPCOPM-SL CANOpen Comunication manual

To all the CANOpen users!
Be aware that a new manual for the DVPCOPM-SL manual has been released.

DVPCOPM-SL CANOpen Comunication manual

But this is not all, because the release of the new manual comes hand in hand with the release of the CANOpen Builder 2.02  software.

Please download it here CANOpen Builder 2.02

And If you want to know what’s new on this release, then check the following announcement CANOpen Bulder 2.02 announcement

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