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October 2011

Announcement: WPLSoft 2.20.11

As the Delta PLC programmers should know, in this moments every Delta PLC is able to be programmed with two software.

WPLSoft:  Simple, intuitive and fast software for simple ladder applications.
ISPSoft: Updated ladder software with subprogram organization and variable name, specifically designed to be closer to IEC61131 for complex PLC programming.

Today we will announce the release of a new version for WPLSoft v2.20.11, with a few new updates from the old version.
You could check all this updates on the following Technical Announcement

As always Delta Software is available for free and you could download it on delta web site, and on DEN ftp too.

IFD9506 (part 1 of 3)

Let’s play with Ethernet!

Industrial Ethernet has become the last 10 years as the replacement for the serial communication.  Not only because the speed, but for the simple compatibility with our main tools, the computers…

Each automation brand have their own protocol based on Ethernet (Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Ethernet Powerlink, etc…).
In Delta, we have been playing with Modbus from the beginning, so in the moment that we decide to enter to ethernet, the natural choice was Modbus TCP/IP.

But what happen with all the devices already in the factories working with Modbus RS232 or RS485 ?

To solve this need, we develop IFD9506.
This device is used to convert from Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to serial communication Modbus.
And the following weeks we’ll share with you all several typical applications and functionalities of this device.

To start, we are going to use the simple communication HMI-PLC-DTB and we’re going to add two IFD9506 to achieve to communicate both three devices trough Ethernet as the picture shows.

To achieved, use the attached application tutorial.
HMI + IFD9506 + PLC.pdf
And take a look at the last page and our first approach to web server!

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