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July 2011

Announcement: ASDA-A2 three-phase 400Vac

I know… The announcement comes a little late, because probably some of you already have some of those devices in your Labs and/or Office.

But before wait for this device for such a looong time, we’re glad to announce it, even If it’s late!

You can download the official announcement in the link below, but basically those are the features of that 400 Vac A2 drives:

1. Broad power range available from 750W to 7.5kW.
2. Input power supply of all ASDA-A2 400V series servo drives is AC 400V (380V~480V), 3-phase.
3. An incremental 20-bit (1280000 p/rev) optical encoder is equipped.
4. The motor inertia is divided into three types: Low inertia (J), Medium inertia (K) and
Medium-High inertia (L). There are 80mm, 130mm and 180mm three kinds of frame
sizes are available. The motor speed is from 1500 r/min to 5000 r/min and the torque
output is from 2.39 N-m to 119.36 N-m.
5. Built-in flexible position register control mode (PR mode) is offered. 35 kinds of homing
modes and 64 internal memorized position settings are available.

ASDA-A2 400V (0.75Kw-7.5Kw) Official release

On the other side, If you want to start ordering to your Delta provider, I recommend to take a look to the next Excel Ordering guide, very helpful to don’t make mistakes choosing the proper wiring

ASDA Ordering Guide

PLC Getting Started

The content of this blog, used to be for people already introduced to the Delta PLC world.

So with this post, we would like to give support all those people who wants to introduce themselves to the Delta PLC environment.

Is really not easy If you try to figure out all the capabilities of our devices only with the manuals, that’s why we develop the following “ZIP” file, with the following content:

1. S and S2 series Updated Manuals.
2. S and S2 series Memory Mapping.
3. PLC Special Marks, Registers and Error code.
4. Instruction List for quick reference.
5. WPLSoft video tutorials (on-line, Off-line, set-up communication).
6. Small Library with basic Examples.

PLC Getting Started (25Mb)

Don’t hesitate to download and share with your beginner customers, and If you like it, tell us.
And we’ll use this experience to create the HMI getting started.

PLC-Link (PLC to PLC)

I have been a long time that I would like to post this post.

PLC-Link is a Delta protocol to share easily memory area between 2 PLC’s.
Basically, the big advantage of PLC-Link is to work with Delta PLC’s as Remote I/O units.

Furthermore, you can use Delta PLC as Remote I/O or any other Delta device (Servodrive, Inverter, etc..) because the protocol used to share the info is Modbus.
Today we’ll focus on how to communicate one PLC master with 2 PLC slaves.

Network Structure:

The communication will be Modbus RS485, so the wiring is so simple, two twisted pairs from connector to connector.

We decide to use 9600, 7, E, 1, ASCII, but you can use higher baudrate. In fact the new S2 PLC series (SS2, SX2, SA2, ES2 and EX2) can reach 921Kbps!!

Memory Mapping:
The plan is to share 6 registers from the slave 1 and put it inside the memory of the master.
And on the other way around too, put 6 registers of the master on the memory of the Slave one.

See below table

As you could see on the Slave software we transform the first three shared words to Slave Inputs and Outputs.
This is the proper way to read remotely the I/O of the slave into the master.


Program Master
Program Slave 1
Program Slave 2

Alternate mirror all together
name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Remember to enable PLC-link on network 5 to start to share.
And if some trouble occurs just try to reset the communication with the RESET_Com Symbol.


Announcement: ISPSoft 1.03

Is time for update.
After new eRemote version, this week is the turn of ISPSoft.

For the beginners, ISPSoft is the Delta software to program with Functions blocks, the main difference against WPLSoft are: Sub-routine programming. Work with Variable mnemonics in spite of the name of the mark or register. Everything with the advantages of function blocks.

If you are a beginer and you want a briefly introduction to ISPSoft, take a look to the following presentation

ISPSoft Tutorial 2008.ppt

On the other side, If you already work with ISPSoft, this is the full list of the ISPSoft 1.03 new additions, I hope you enjoyed.

1. Add SFC Editor.
2. Add ASCII format in device monitoring function.
3. New instruction. FLD> …, BOUT …, PN, NP.
4. Support array data type.
5. Add VAR_IN_OUT type to function block symbol table.
6. Allow to set the S device range in the Device Resource Allocation function.
7. Ladder Editor. Modify short-cut key, Add network (after)=> Shift+Ctrl+I ; Insert network (before)=>Ctrl+I.
8. Ladder Editor. Add comparison buttons on the tool bar.
9. Ladder Editor. Symbol declaration window will be shown when add instructions by instruction mode.
10. Add a symbol without indicate which POU to the device monitoring table. It will list all match symbols exist in different POU.
11. The output parameter of MUL and DIV instruction support WORD data type.
12. Add ASCII and Automatically mode in the [View] -> [Monitoring Data Format]
13. Add Floating Format Setting function in the [View].
14. Add Read Only Area Setting function in the [PLC]->[Security System].
15. Add Program Upload Disable function in the [PLC]->[Security System].
16. Add off-line password setting function in the [Tools]->[Program Settings].
17. Change the communication type from Direct Link to Direct Link Ethernet and Direct Link USB
18. Allow on-line monitoring even the programs between PLC and PC are inconsistent.
19. Add Find in Project function.
20. Add Spanish and Polish language.

Please download the latest version on our website
ISPSoft 1.03

or our FTP site
ISPSoft 1.03

Announcement: New eRemote 2.00.00

Good news!
New eRemote version available to download.

This is the short list of improvements in spite of the old version:
1. Support firmware version v3.0022 for DOP-B network type series.
2. Support firmware version v1.08C for DOP-AE series.
3. Add full screen function.
4. Add connecting HMI IP address on the title of the window function.
5. Add use the domain name to connect the HMI function.
6. Support new elements of DOPSoft but not rotation function.
7. Fixed show the password table wrong issue.

Download it from here.
eRemote 2.00.00

And to see in detail those new features, check the attached pdf announcement
Announcement: eRemote 2.00.00

By the Way, eServer is updated too, Don’t hesitate to take a look!
eServer 1.00.11

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