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May 2011

Application – Periodic speed change in C2000 (PLC embedded feature)

As many of you should know, C2000 is our new multi-purpose inverter. One of the most useful new features, in my opinion is the 10K steps internal PLC.

Since C2000 “the apple of my eye” was VFD-E, with his internal PLC you can do really amazing stories without the need of purchasing an external PLC.
But some people complains about the limited size of the internal PLC (only 500 steps).
Now, with C2000 this limitation is over. The memory size of C2000 is bigger than DVP14SS2 !! (10K steps vs 8K steps).
And to loop the loop the C2000 have a graphic display to accomplish the “all in one”.

C2000 = Inverter + PLC + Graphic Display …………… All in one!

Because all of this, I would like to share with you this simple but didactic example from Mr. Eden Chen of how to use the internal PLC of C2000.
If do you have interesting C2000 PLC applications don’t hesitate to share with us trough the commentaries.

VFD-C2000 programable multi speed

name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Communication interface PC to DVP (Delta PLC)

We have several methods to communicate our PC with the Delta PLC’s, and many users don’t know some of them.
On the other side, every time is more difficult to found RS232 serial ports in the computers, and the USB to RS232 converters are not as much trustable as they must, because of that I would like to list our alternatives to that problem:

Direct communication PC to PLC:

1. PC RS232 port to PLC RS232 port using the wiring DVPACAB2A30

2. PC USB port to PLC RS485 port using the device IFD6500 (Delta USB-RS485 converter).

3. PC Ethernet port to PLC DVPEN01-SL module (need compatibility with high speed bus)

Communication PC to PLC trough Delta HMI (Direct Link):

The direct link capability in Delta HMI is used to communicate with the PLC and HMI with one only wire. Furthermore this capability have been improved lately and now is possible monitor both of them at the same time using only one wire. (direct Link function updated)

1. Direct Link function trough Standard USB wire (WPLSoft and ISPSoft)

2. Direct Link function trough Ethernet (WPLSoft and ISPSoft)
Exactly the same feature is available with the new DOP-B HMI’s with Ethernet embedded, really helpful for remote support.

3. Direct Link function trough USB host (WPLSoft only).

All systems are Win XP / Win 7 compatibles, so now there’s no reason to do not communicate with Delta PLC.

Delta HMI – USB Updating firmware

A few month ago our R&D people develop a new useful feature for DOP-B HMI.
Is the possibility to update the firmware of the HMI without any PC (only USB disk!).

The procedure is quite simple, take a look to the next video.

This feature is only available for DOP-B and firmware versions up to v2.00.20

Application – Recipe download using eServer

Before Learn how to extract production information trough eServer with the post eServer Tool.
This time we’re going to focus in a real application case.

Mr. Eden Chen (very good technician and better person) shows us how to store Barcode data on our office PC trough eServer Software.
The system configuration starts with a USB barcode, connected directly to the HMI.
And then uses the Ethernet port of the HMI and eServer tool to store the code of every element that the barcode reads.

Tutorial: Recipe download using eServer
Software Samplers : Recipe download using eServer

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