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March 2011

Direct Link Function Updated

Direct Link function is a feature who allows to the programmer to upload/download the PLC program connecting the PC directly to the HMI.
So the HMI bypass the PC directly to the PLC.

This function is so useful when the PLC is so hidden inside the cabinet, you forget your RS232 programming wire (DVPACAB2A30) or you just want to avoid those annoying and sometimes unreliable USB-RS232 converters.

The major problem in the past was the impossibility to debug the PLC and HMI at the same time while the bypass is running.
According to that our HMI department send us some video showing this new updating for the Direct Link function.

This Feature is available too with ISPSoft

Labelling Machine Application

Today a new typical application for Delta PLC.
We’ll use the PLC capabilities and some sensor, to synchronize the AC motor feeder of the system with some stepper motor who will stick the label onto the product.

This program is one of the typical applications to use one of the new PLC instructions called MASK

To take a look to the program sequence, don’t hesitate to download the following pdf
Labbelling Machine Application

New S2 application Manual

Let me agree the great welcome that is having the new S2 PLC series in whole EMEA region.
Because of that I’m so glad to announce the official application manual for S2 series.

There, we will find important elements than the SS2, SA2 or SX2 internal mapping, or the name of the High speed counters.

If you are using or planing to use S2 or E2 series, don’t hesitate to download it, you’re going to use it!
S2 and E2 application Manual

eServer Tool

The eServer is a new tool for Delta Ethernet HMI’s to extract data from your system remotely.
With this tool you can store all the production information of your machine directly on your computer.

This software as the rest of Delta softwares is free, and you can download the last version on the next link
eServer V1.00.07

And for better support, first take a look to the next video, hanged for our R&D managers.
They advice to put resolution 720pp and full screen for better quality

Delta Solar tracking system

One of the most interesting application this days for automation companies, is the solar tracking.
Many different manufacturers have been trying to improve and create new products only for this kind of applications.

Delta global automation, provides to the customer for a complete solution.
As a global automation solution provider, we already have all the elements. In the presentation attached, you will see our solution for the different kinds of solar applications.

Solar tracking application

Those solutions, are already tested and working all around the world.

DOPSoft Beta version Release

Last week appears a new BETA software to program Delta DOP-B HMI’s.
It’s call DOPSoft

This software contains several very interesting new features, I try to resume them below:

– Multi-Language System Menu/Message
– Import/Export Multi-language text (in CSV/Excel format)

– User-Define Sub-Marco Name
– Improve Marco Edit interface
– Universal printing driver with PCBridge.

– Rotating HMI display (90, 180 and 270 degrees).
– Rotating program elements (90, 180 and 270 degrees).

– Improve Historical Trend Graph element
– Advance element part list
– New Edit objects like the slider, List box and Combo box.

– Reset HMI option
– Flexible control/status block setting

– Picture from other programs can be pasted to the element directly
– Improve compile speed
– User-defined address for MAX/MIN limit of elements

If do you like to be Delta’s Beta tester, please download this software from our web site
DOPSoft 1.00.00
And leave your commentaries below, We’re eager to know for your personal experience!
We’ll keep you informed for the final version release.


Trying to complete our communication library, today we will show you how to communicate some HMI with our Temperature controllers.

Delta Temperature Controllers

Delta Automation have several models of Temperature controllers, in this case we need the ones with communication feature (almost all of them).
Please refer to the next link for further information.
DTC Delta temperature Controllers

Like all the communication examples, we start fixing the protocol we are going to use. In this case:
RS485 Modbus ASCII
38400 bps
7 Data Bits
Parity Even
1 Stop Bits

So once we have decided the protocol, we have to implement it on both devices.
To implement to the HMI please refer to the HMI- 3 PLC communication example post.

To implement to the DTC please download the next video, where is explained step by step how to configurate some DTC trough Computer.
HMI – DTC control

In case that you already have some DTB or DTA, you can do it following the instruction manual.
DTA Instruction Manual
DTB Instruction Manual

And finally here attached some DOP-B program example for control by communication some DTC (Delta Temperature Controller).
HMI – DTC control Example

name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

And if you need to add some internal register of the DTC, and you can found it on the example, just take a look to the DTC manual, and you will found the Modbus table.
DTC Instruction Manual

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