Nothing remains!
And finally Windows XP have a proper substitute, Windows 7.

Unfortunately, the people from Microsoft doesn’t think in HMI programmers, because the internal drivers has been changed…
Because of that we have found a solution to support those new drivers on our HMI’s.

So if you have a new Windows 7 or Windows Vista and your drivers doesn’t works, don’t worry, and just follow the next steps:

1 – Check the firmware of your HMI.
The first firmware version with the new Windows 7 drivers is V2.0170. If your HMI have a lower firmware version, please Update the HMI trough XP computer or serial port.

2 – Once you have the proper firmware, go to the system menu, and choose system setting.

3 – Then look for the MISC menu, and there you should found the option called “USBCommMode.

4 – You only need to change that USBCommMode option from 0 to 1.
USBCommMode = 0 (Windows XP)
USBCommMode = 1 (Windows Vista & Windows 7)

If do you want further information of how to update the firmware trough serial port, please download the DOP-B and W7 trouble pdf from our ftp.

name: den-eindhoven
Password: BuPd2175

Delta HMI’s are not compatible with Windows 7 (64 bits)
Problem Solved