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January 18, 2011

Create a FB with ISPSoft

One of the objectives of this blog is to create a Function Block library to share with you all.
Because of that, in the next video you could learn how to create a simple Function Block (FB) with ISPSoft.

Why use FBs?
Created and tested once, and use it several times.
Safe intermediate variables.
Easy to understand and debug the program.

HMI – VFD Communication Example

In a near future we are going to post several communication examples between Delta HMI touch pannels and the different Delta devices.
Today we start on one of the most demanded:
Delta HMI with Delta Inverter.

The example is programmed with Screen Editor 2.00.20

Protocol used:
7,N,2 (Modbus, ASCII), 9600 bps

Network configuration:
HMI Address: 0 (master)
VFD Address: 1 (Slave)

VFD Configuration:
2.00 = 3 (frequency source RS485 communication)
2.01 = 3 (Operation command source RS485 communication)
9.00 = 1 (Station Address)
9.01 = 1 (9600 bps)
9.04 = 0 (7,N,2, Modbus, ASCII)

Download HMI-VFD Comunication Example
click left button and select “save target as…”

If you find any problem with it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment

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