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January 2011

Store control with Delta products

The application shares in the presentation below, have the next case details, you can download the full explanation in the link below.

The chain stores use Delta PLCs and IO modules, together with AC motor drives to control the lighting and air-conditioning (incl. the control of temperature, humidity, pressure and quality of air) systems

The headquarter monitors the lighting and air-conditioning systems of chain stores by using Delta Ethernet module – DVPEN01-SL, controlling the electricity consumption and further saving energy.

The system intends to position itself as a world reference in terms of eco-efficiency. Consume 30% less energy than the average annual expenditure of a conventional store, a 70% decrease water consumption and prevent the emission of more than 200 tones of CO2 a year.

Application presentation file

Communication Modules

Delta PLC’s provide several solutions for all popular fieldbus.
With this communication modules we can cover the three levels of communication:

For Device Control: Modbus RTU/ASCII, PLCLink, etc..
For Data Exchange: DeviceNet, CANOpen, Profibus-DP.
For Data Collection: Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP.

To help you to choose what is going to be the best choice, we advise you to take a look to the next presentation provided by Mr. Johnny Hsu.

DVP Network modules presentation

Remote control using eRemote

Dear all,

Here attached I put a nice example of how to control remotely your home trough eRemote.

This is a good example of building automation with Delta equipment, I hope you enjoy.

Building Automation eRemote example

Source: Mr. Eden Chen

New product Launch SS2 and SX2

We are glad to announce the formal release of the new Slim 2 series in Middle East, Africa and Europe.
This new Slim 2 series have serious improving in comparison with the Slim series in several different features, because of that we arrange the next table for your information where you could see the principal differences.

All the Slim Extension modules are compatible with the new Slim2 models.
For more information we recommend you to download the new PLC brochure here.
And the technical Manuals of SS2 here or SX2 here.
Furthermore, attahced on this mail you could found a comparission file with all the detailed differences between Slim series and Slim 2 series.

Please note that the pinout of the new models are not the same of their predecessors.

On the other hand, we are going to release that new products in a scaled way, form today is possible to order the next models:

The SA2 model is not avaliable yet, and will be avalaible soon.

Create a FB with ISPSoft

One of the objectives of this blog is to create a Function Block library to share with you all.
Because of that, in the next video you could learn how to create a simple Function Block (FB) with ISPSoft.

Why use FBs?
Created and tested once, and use it several times.
Safe intermediate variables.
Easy to understand and debug the program.

HMI – VFD Communication Example

In a near future we are going to post several communication examples between Delta HMI touch pannels and the different Delta devices.
Today we start on one of the most demanded:
Delta HMI with Delta Inverter.

The example is programmed with Screen Editor 2.00.20

Protocol used:
7,N,2 (Modbus, ASCII), 9600 bps

Network configuration:
HMI Address: 0 (master)
VFD Address: 1 (Slave)

VFD Configuration:
2.00 = 3 (frequency source RS485 communication)
2.01 = 3 (Operation command source RS485 communication)
9.00 = 1 (Station Address)
9.01 = 1 (9600 bps)
9.04 = 0 (7,N,2, Modbus, ASCII)

Download HMI-VFD Comunication Example
click left button and select “save target as…”

If you find any problem with it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment

Analog Control with ISPSoft

Here attached some ISPSoft file with many Function Blocks (FB), very useful to configurate the analog input/output modules from Delta.

Function Block Library

This file is made it by Bartek Kiełczewski, from the Delta distributor in Poland (induprogress).
Thank you very much Bartek!

And if anyone have FB’s to share, don’t hesitate to send us.
We are going to publish it as soon as we can.

Analog Control

One of the most typical requests, is about how to configurate the analog I/O expansion modules.

If you try to do it directly, is a little confusing, but, check the video first, and then tell me how difficult can be…

In the next post some FB to do the same with ISPSoft


Hello everybody,
Our intention with this blog is to publish small examples and tips that are useful for the programmer, yet not enough important to appear in the newsletter.
If anybody would like to collaborate with it, don’t hesitate to send your post to I’ll be pleased to upload it.
The posts need to be written in English and be as illustrated as possible, either with images or videos.

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